Joel Collett

B.S., University of Cincinnati, 2013


Evan Lydon

B.S., University of Missouri-Columbia, 2016


Rachna Bal

B.S., Lafayette College, 2019


Dewmi Ekanayake

B.S., University of Colombo, Sri Lanka 2015


Conghui Yue

M.S., Southwest University of Science and Technology, China, 2015


Bedraj Pandey

M.S., Middle Tennessee State University, 2019

Dulmini Jayawardhena

B.S., University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, 2018


Jonisha Baggett

Jefferson Reynolds III

Levi Kirby

Lindsey Steele

Dr. Sumit Chakraborty

PhD student, 2007-2013

Senior Research Chemist at Eastman Chemical 

Dr. Papri Bhattacharya

PhD student, 2008-2014

Postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 

Dr. Sanjeewa Rodrigo

PhD student, 2008-2014

Assistant Professor at Open University of Sri Lanka

Dr. Anubendu Adhikary

PhD student, 2009-2015

Assistant Professor at Vellore Institute of Technology - Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Gleason Wilson

PhD student, 2011-2015

Applications Project Manager at Lohmann 

Dr. Aaron Bailey

PhD student, 2012-2016

Research Chemist at Stepan Company

Dr. Arundhoti Chakraborty

PhD student, 2011-2016

Dr. Nadeesha Wellala

PhD student, 2011-2017

Postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (with Wei Wang)

Dr. Nathan Eberhardt

PhD student, 2012-2017

Senior Scientist at ICL

Dr. Huiguang Dai

PhD student, 2012-2018

Postdoc at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign (with Yi Lu)

Dr. Becca Haley Nellis

PhD student, 2013-2018

Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Dr. Yingze Li

PhD student, 2012-2019

Associate Scientist at Nitto Denko Avecia

Dr. Jessie Ringo

PhD student, 2013-2019

Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University of Alexandria

Jake Dietz

MS student, 2009-2010

Production Information Chemist at TEDIA

Becca Ransohoff

MS student, 2014-2016

Analytical Chemist at Madtree Brewery




Professor at Henan Normal University

Dr. Jie Zhang

postdoctoral fellow, 2008-2010

Postdoc at University of Colorado - Boulder (with Josef Michl)

Dr. Jacek Pecyna

postdoctoral fellow, 2016-2017

Dr. Nadeesha Wellala

postdoctoral fellow, 2017-2018

Postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (with Wei Wang)

Dr. Milan Barman

postdoctoral fellow, 2019-2020

Assistant Professor at Sukumar Sengupta Mahavidyalaya, Vidyasagar University

Dr. Mike Coleman

visiting professor, 2008, 2015

Associate Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology 

Dr. Jianlan Cui

visiting professor, 2011

Professor at North University of China

Dr. Kevin Anderson

visiting professor, 2017

Assistant Professor at Oakwood University 

Dr. Manoj Manna

visiting scholar, 2019

Postdoc  at Florida State University 


Alec Brown

Assistant Professor at Saint Ambrose University 

Engineer at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company 

Julie Hess

Brett Bolton

Chris Medley

Analytical Supervisor at PPG Industries

Chris Bartesko

Research Technician at Pilot Chemical

Emma Senour

R&D Chemist at Sunstar Engineering Americas

Nick Huff

Krista King

Student at South College School of Pharmacy

Yogi Patel

MS Student at Georgetown

John Kiernicki

Postdoc at U of Michigan (with Nate Szymczak)

James Ohaeri


Jinal Patel

Operator of Laxmi Narayan Corporation

Johnson Ochea

Chris Heald

UC Physician

Justin Baum

Medical Student at University of Toledo

Israel Powell

Material Planner at SpaceX

Mike Gibson

Retired P&G Research Fellow

Chao Zhu

Intern at FMC Corporation

Jason Schwartz

Regional Manager at Kyzen Corporation

Pharmacy Student at University of Cincinnati

Nicole Oehler

Kendra Kendra Denlinger

Teaching Professor at Xavier University

Sam VandenHeuvel

Associate Consultant at ZS

Lev Lazinskiy

Senior Solutions Engineer at LauchDarkly

Andrew Carl

Co-Founder and CTO of Atumsoft

Joel Collett

PhD Student at UC (with the Group)

Medhanei Abraha

Assistant Chemist at Chromatic Technologies

Adina McKoy

Community Support Professional at AHRC

Garrison Kinney

PhD Student at McGill (with Bruce Arndtsen)

Andrew Hanson

Chemist at Shepherd Color Company

Travis Luncan

Environmental Specialist at ORSANCO

Mark Healey

MS Student at UNC-Wilmington

Sam Warncke

John Luebking

MS Student at University of Dayton

Zach Padolik

Sara Pilson

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

Hai Dong

PhD Student at Michigan (with Nicolai Lehnert)

Russell Hall

Alex Fertig

PhD Student at U of Rochester (with Ellen Matson)

Dan Williams

Yi Liu

PhD Student at U of Georgia (with Todd Harrop)

Scott Abernathy

PhD Student at UC (with Pat Limbach)

Sean Goddard

Emanuel Pappaterra

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

Tom Estier

Student at University of Bordeaux, France

Sharon Parkins

Student at Oakwood University

Anh Thuy Tram Tang

Engineering Student at UC

Weishi Li

Osar Otasowie

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

Shiyuan 'Philip' Zhou

PhD Student at U of Wisconsin-Madison

Maria Kelly

PhD student at UC